Satellite Communications

Contact KT Consultants for your Satellite Communications components.  Let us help you source quality components for your network.  Need help determining what you should by?  Give us a call and we will answer your questions.

We look forward to providing with friendly professional service for years to come.


  • Antennas( HUB/ Earth Station, VSAT, Flyaway)
  • Modems( L Band, 70/140Mhz, VSAT, Satellite routers
  • Transceivers,
  • DVB Receivers
  • Video Encoders
  • Encoders
  • Decoders
  • BUC’s
  • HPA’s
  • SSPA’s
  • TWTA
  • Antenna Controllers
  • LNSs, LNBs LNBfs
  • Splitters
  • Combiners
  • Cable
  • Feeds
  • Filters
  • Switches
  • Test Equipment
  • Power Supplies
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